Use the powerful Google Sheet computation engine for creating web calculators. Easily without a line of code!


100% Mobile responsive
When you click publish , you get freshly baked , 100% mobile responsive web calculators which are also and touchscreen friendly.

Result in mail or as PDF downloads
You can set either a PDF download button or send results directly to the email address given by users. No charge for sending emails.

All formulas of Google Sheet
Use any of the formulas allowed in Google sheet and create a calculator. Even Google Finance formulas or import formulas can be used for creating

Lead Generation
Create lead generation calculator by just toggling a switch. The result will not be shown unless the user puts in his/her mail address.

No Coding skills needed
If you know how to create a calculator in Google Sheet, you can create a web calculator at a push of a button called “Publish “.

Embed Codes
Paste the HTML code built automatically , on any web page of a website or web application, and your web calculator appears instantly appears!

Demo Video - Calculator

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